Talisker (e-book) Free until April 4

Just because our books are now available on Amazon, Apple bookstore, Google Play and Barnes&Noble. Just because Frank released the dutch version of his second Talisker book (Talisker en de Engelmannen). Just because we want you to read and review our books without hesitation. We are now offering the e-book version of the first book in the Talisker series (Talisker:The Uisge Beatha Gang on the planet Alba) for free until easter.

Just click this universal book link to go to your favorite online bookstore.

On Apple Books and Google Play, just get your book for $0,00.
On Barnes&Noble use the promotion code BNPTALISKER100 (from March 10 until April 4)
!! Unfortunately this promotion is not available on Amazon (they really have a backward exclusivity policy) !!

Totally Free? Is that really still a thing in 2021? Sure. Although… I would like to ask you a little favor. If you got the book for free, leave a little review on the online bookstore or any other book review platform. If you like to book, a review will make me really happy. If you didn’t like it that much, just leave an honest (respectful) review explaining what you didn’t like. All readers are different. So maybe there is someone who is into the things that bothered you. At least, I can learn from all constructive criticism.

By the way. The english version of the second book in the Talisker series: Talisker and the angelishmen, will be released later this year.

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