Het management boek waarvan managers verkiezen dat je het niet leest

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So you got this fabulous MBA diploma from some expensive and exclusive university. Your excellent grades and top-notch appearance got you this wonderful job. You’re really, really good at what you do. So your manager steps to you and says, “You’re a High Potential!”


Don’t panic! This little quirky survival guide will help you pave your way in the wicked world of corporate management. Get ready to learn everything they didn’t teach you on university. Don’t waste money on courses, coaches or consultants. This little book will unravel the truth they choose not to tell you. And all of that in just over a hundred pages and for less than ten dollars. How’s that for an investment in yourself?

Forget the seven habits. Forget one minute management. Forget everything everyone else tries to sell you.In this book I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth, about leadership, missions and visions, teambuilding, coaching, burn-out prevention … 

I promise to be politically incorrect. I promise that if I can’t make you think, at least I will make you laugh.

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