Dutch Only

Currently the plays of the AmazeTheWorld Writers are only available in Dutch.

Please contact info@amazetheworld.be if your interested in a translation of one of the following plays:

  • The King is Dead:  Family play (ages 6-99, mainly 8-14)  about King Knuft III.  A slightly weird king who rather tells stories to children than govern his land.  When the king dies, the entire court is afraid to tell the news to his beloved daughter Emily Minibrix.  So they come up with an ingenious plan
  • Talisker: Family play (ages 6-99, mainly 10-16) about a little boy who's father committed suicide.  Well, that's not really what it's about.  Talisker (the boy) and 5 other children get abducted by aliens from the planet Alba where they have to end the endless war between the McDonalds and the McSubways.
  • President Foo: Play for adolescents and young adults about a girl Foo who is just trying to be herself in a world where it seems society expects so much from her.  As she grows up she fights, she follows, she plays along and she even becomes president.  While maybe all she wanted was to be a writer or not even that...